Where Did AOC Go to College? Her Academic Path

Where Did AOC Go to College?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, popular as AOC, has become a household name, inspiring many young people worldwide. But where did AOC go to college? The answer, quite interestingly, lies in Boston University.

NameAlexanderia Ocasio-Cortez
Age33 years
D O B13 Oct 1989
OccupationMember of the US House of Representatives

AOC’s Early Days: New York Roots

Before we discuss her university days, it’s essential to get a snapshot of her earlier years. Born and raised in New York City, AOC initially enrolled in a high school in the city’s heart. Nonetheless, in pursuit of a brighter educational future, she later transitioned to the suburb of Yorktown. Here, she attended more robust public schools, setting the foundation for her subsequent academic endeavors.

Boston University: AOC’s College Adventure

Now, let’s jump right into her college journey. Boston University, a prestigious institution located in the heart of Massachusetts, is where AOC decided to further her education. This decision, as it turns out, was a game-changer.

During her time there, she didn’t just settle for one major. Instead, she ambitiously double-majored in two intriguing and diverse fields: international relations and economics. Juggling two major subjects is no easy task. Still, AOC, with her determination and passion, managed to graduate cum laude in 2011. That’s a remarkable achievement by any standard!

The Significance of Her Major Choices

But why did she choose these majors? International relations and economics might seem like distinct fields, but they’re intertwined in many ways. By studying both, AOC likely gained insights into the global economic landscape and the complexities of international politics. These subjects have undoubtedly played a role in shaping her views and policies today.

The Impact of Her College Years

It’s undeniable that Boston University had a significant influence on AOC. College is often a transformative period in one’s life, filled with lessons, experiences, and growth. For AOC, Boston University provided academic knowledge and likely instilled values, ethics, and a sense of responsibility.

Conclusion: From College to Congress

In hindsight, Boston University played a pivotal role in molding AOC into the influential figure she is today. From the vibrant streets of New York City to the scholarly halls of Boston University, and now to the corridors of Congress, AOC’s journey is both inspiring and noteworthy.

So, if you ever wondered, “Where did AOC go to college?”, now you know. And it’s not just about the name of the institution, but the experiences, choices, and lessons learned during those crucial years.


Who is AOC?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, often referred to by her initials AOC, is an American politician and activist who became a prominent figure in U.S. politics.

Where did AOC go to college?

AOC attended Boston University in Massachusetts.

What did AOC study in college?

She double-majored in international relations and economics during her time at Boston University.

Did AOC receive any honors upon graduating?

Yes, AOC graduated cum laude from Boston University in 2011.

Where did AOC go to school before attending Boston University?

She first enrolled in a high school in New York City. Later, she moved to the suburb of Yorktown to attend stronger public schools.

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