Where Did Drew Brees Go to College? Educational Career

Where Drew Brees Went to College?

So, where did Drew Brees go to college? The answer is simple: Purdue University. But as we know, simple answers often have complex stories behind them. Let’s dive into Drew Brees’ unforgettable college journey.

NameDrew Christopher Bress
Age44 years
D O B15 Jan 1979
ProfessionNFL Player

The Glorious College Days of Drew Brees at Purdue

When you think of college football legends, Drew Brees is definitely one name that comes to mind. His college days at Purdue University were nothing short of spectacular. Moreover, he didn’t just play there, and he made history.

Setting the Records Straight

Brees didn’t just play for Purdue; he redefined what being a quarterback in the Big Ten Conference meant. Indeed, during his tenure, he set multiple records. Some of these records were for completions, attempts, and yards. Fans knew they were in for a treat each time he stepped onto the field. Every game was another chance for him to showcase his skill and dedication. As a result, his name became synonymous with college football excellence.

Leading the Boilermakers to Glory

However, individual records were not the only accomplishments Brees achieved. He was also instrumental in leading his team. Brees was a three-year starter at Purdue. Under his leadership, the Boilermakers clinched a Big Ten title. That accomplishment, in particular, showcased his talent and ability to lead and inspire a team.

Legacy Beyond College

While Brees’ college journey began at Purdue University, it was merely the opening chapter of his storied football career. His time at Purdue was filled with monumental achievements and memorable plays, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the collegiate arena. His successes and lessons learned during these formative years laid the groundwork for what would come.

Nevertheless, it’s pivotal to understand the significance of Drew Brees’ time at Purdue to appreciate the trajectory of his football journey. The skills he honed, the challenges he overcame, and the leadership he demonstrated were all integral components of the foundation he established in college.

This foundation would subsequently serve as the bedrock for his iconic professional career, where he continued to break records and earn accolades, further cementing his legacy in the world of sports.


Drew Brees didn’t just attend Purdue University; he became a legend there. By setting numerous records and leading the Boilermakers to a Big Ten title, Brees ensured that his name would forever be remembered in the annals of college football. So, the next time someone asks, “Where did Drew Brees go to college?” you’ll know that it’s not just about the name of the university but the legacy he left behind.


Where did Drew Brees go to college?

Drew Brees attended Purdue University.

Did Drew Brees play football during his college years?

Drew Brees played college football at Purdue University and set numerous records there.

What records did Drew Brees set in the Big Ten Conference?

Brees set multiple records in the Big Ten Conference, including those for completions, attempts, and yards.

How long was Drew Brees a starter for Purdue’s football team?

Drew Brees was a three-year starter for the Purdue Boilermakers.

Did Drew Brees lead his team to any significant victories in college?

Yes, under his leadership, the Boilermakers clinched a Big Ten title.

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