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Where Did Fran Tarkenton Go to College? 

Have you ever wondered, “Where did Fran Tarkenton go to college?” Well, you’re not alone. Fran Tarkenton is a name that stands out in the history of American football. He’s a living legend, admired by both young and old.

As for the answer to our big question, Fran Tarkenton attended the University of Georgia. In this blog post, we’ll delve into his college years, his subsequent NFL career, and how his education shaped the athlete and person he became.

NameFrancis Asbury Tarkenton
Age83 years
D O B3 Feb 1940
OccupationNFL Player

Heading to the University of Georgia

First, let’s set the scene. Fran Tarkenton decided to attend the University of Georgia, a well-known school for its sports programs. The University of Georgia, or UGA as it’s commonly called, has a reputation for academic and athletic excellence. Therefore, it became the perfect breeding ground for Tarkenton’s talents.

A Budding Athlete: His Time at UGA

When Fran arrived at UGA, he immediately made his presence felt. As a young student, he was eager to make a name for himself. Naturally, he joined the Georgia Bulldogs, the university’s football team. During his time there, he displayed a natural talent for the game, mesmerizing audiences with his skill and agility.

The Transition to the NFL

After his college years, Fran Tarkenton made a seamless transition to professional football. His time at the University of Georgia had prepared him well for the challenges ahead. He was drafted into the NFL, where he played an incredible 18 seasons.

Career Highlights: Post-College Achievements

Now, let’s look at what happened after college. In the NFL, Tarkenton played mostly for the Minnesota Vikings and briefly for the New York Giants. His time in the league was nothing short of spectacular. He broke numerous records, many of which still stand today. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a testament to his skill and dedication to the sport.

The Impact of His College Education

Interestingly, his college education played a significant role in his success. The University of Georgia not only shaped him as an athlete but also as a person. His experiences at UGA taught him the value of hard work, discipline, and team spirit. These lessons helped him in every stage of his life, both on and off the field.

Fran Tarkenton Today: Life After Football

Fast forward to today, Fran Tarkenton has retired from professional football, but he’s far from forgotten. He’s made a name for himself in the world of business, and he often credits his educational background to his business acumen. Essentially, the skills he gained at the University of Georgia continue to serve him well.


To wrap things up, the question “Where did Fran Tarkenton go to college?” brings us to the University of Georgia, a school that played a pivotal role in shaping him as an athlete and as a person. From his college days to his outstanding NFL career and subsequent life as a businessman, Fran Tarkenton remains a legend and inspiration.


Where did Fran Tarkenton go to college?

Fran Tarkenton attended the University of Georgia and played for the Georgia Bulldogs.

What did Fran Tarkenton study in college?

While this blog post focuses mainly on Fran Tarkenton’s football career, it’s widely known that many athletes also pursue academic programs. However, specific details about Fran Tarkenton’s academic pursuits at the University of Georgia are not as widely documented as his athletic achievements.

When did Fran Tarkenton play for the Georgia Bulldogs?

Fran Tarkenton played for the Georgia Bulldogs in the late 1950s before moving on to his illustrious NFL career.

What NFL teams did Fran Tarkenton play for?

Fran Tarkenton played for the Minnesota Vikings for most of his NFL career, with a brief stint at the New York Giants.

Is Fran Tarkenton in the Hall of Fame?

Yes, Fran Tarkenton was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, confirming his status as one of the all-time greats in American football.

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