Where Did Gary Payton Go to College? His College Years

Where Did Gary Payton Go to College? 

Did you know that many NBA legends started their journey to stardom during their college years? A classic example is Gary Payton. So, where did Gary Payton go to college? The answer is Oregon State University. Let’s dive into his story and learn more about his early days before he became an NBA sensation.

NameGray Dwayne Payton
Age55 years
D O B23 July 1968
OccupationBasketball Player

Early Years: Oakland Roots

Gary was born and raised in the vibrant city of Oakland, California. As a child, he probably dribbled a basketball on the streets, showing hints of the greatness to come. Oakland, known for its rich basketball culture, shaped young Gary and paved the way for his future.

High School Stardom: Skyline High School’s Gem

Transitioning from Oakland’s streets to Skyline High School’s courts, Gary made a name for himself. Skyline High was where he truly honed his skills, demonstrating incredible prowess on the court. The school and its coaches recognized his talent and were instrumental in nurturing his basketball dreams. With each game, he grew closer to realizing his potential, capturing the attention of college scouts nationwide.

College Days: Finding His Ground at Oregon State University

After his shining high school years, it was time for Gary to make one of the most pivotal decisions of his life. Where would he go to further his education and basketball career? Gary chose Oregon State University. At Oregon State, he was not just another college student but a beacon of hope, talent, and determination. The college basketball scene was a bigger pond, but Gary was up for the challenge.

His years at Oregon State were marked with significant growth as a player and an individual. The university provided the right environment for him to sharpen his skills, develop his game strategies, and get a taste of what awaited him in the professional world. The coaches, the team, and the challenges he faced during these years played a crucial role in molding him into the player we admire today.

From College Courts to NBA Lights

Looking back, it’s evident that Gary’s decision to attend Oregon State University was a stepping stone to his illustrious NBA career. College basketball was a learning curve but also a testament to his dedication, commitment, and love for the game. The skills, discipline, and values he embraced during his college years were instrumental in shaping his future.


Oregon State University was not merely an educational institution for Gary Payton; it was a playground, a mentor, and a catalyst to his dreams. When someone asks, “Where did Gary Payton go to college?” it’s not just about naming the university. It’s about appreciating the journey, understanding the significance, and recognizing the foundation it provided for one of basketball’s greatest.

Whether you’re an avid basketball fan or someone who’s just getting to know the game, Gary’s journey from the streets of Oakland, through the halls of Skyline High, to the courts of Oregon State University, and finally to the glitz and glamour of the NBA, is nothing short of inspirational.

So, next time you shoot hoops in your backyard or cheer for your favorite team, remember the story of Gary Payton. Remember the importance of beginnings, the role of dedication, and the impact of the right choices at the right time.


Where did Gary Payton attend college?

Gary Payton attended Oregon State University.

Where is Oregon State University located?

Oregon State University is located in Corvallis, Oregon.

In which city did Gary Payton grow up?

Gary Payton grew up in Oakland, California.

Where did he play high school basketball?

Gary played high school basketball at Skyline High School in Oakland.

Did Gary Payton play in the NBA after college?

Yes, after his college years at Oregon State University, Gary Payton went on to have a successful NBA career and is considered one of the league’s legends.

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