Where Did Ladd Drummond Go to College? An In-Depth Look

Where Did Ladd Drummond Go to College?

Have you ever wondered where did Ladd Drummond go to college? Many people are curious about this public figure’s life and educational background, primarily known for his appearances on the “Pioneer Woman” show and also known as the rancher and husband of popular food blogger Ree Drummond. Today, we’re digging deep into Ladd Drummond’s college years, giving you a comprehensive overview.

NameLadd Drummond
Age54 years
D O B22 Jan 1969
OccupationInfluencer, Cattle Rancher

High School Years at Pawhuska: The Starting Point

First and foremost, it’s essential to mention that Ladd Drummond attended Pawhuska High School in Oklahoma before his college years. This phase of education served as the foundation for his future studies and career. Growing up in Pawhuska, he was surrounded by the cowboy lifestyle and ranching, which surely influenced his later choices.

Journeying to Arizona State University: A Significant Move

After graduating from Pawhuska High School, Ladd decided to attend Arizona State University for his college education. This move meant shifting from Oklahoma to Arizona, an undoubtedly exciting and challenging change.

Why did Ladd choose Arizona State University, you might ask? While the reasons remain personal, Arizona State University is renowned for its diverse academic programs and vibrant campus life. It is plausible that the institution offered him the opportunity to broaden his horizons and delve into studies that interested him. Interestingly, Arizona State University has alumni who have succeeded in various fields.

Balancing Ranching and Education: The Drummond Way

It’s worth noting that while attending Arizona State University, Ladd would have had to juggle his educational commitments with his obligations to the family ranch. Ranching is a demanding profession requiring hands-on involvement. Nevertheless, he managed to balance these two important aspects of his life.

The Impact of College on Ladd Drummond’s Life

Attending Arizona State University college played a significant role in shaping Ladd Drummond’s perspectives and skill sets. College is not just about academics; it’s also about personal growth, forming lasting relationships, and networking. These elements may have contributed to who Ladd Drummond is today: a successful rancher and a supportive husband.

Closing Thoughts

So, where did Ladd Drummond go to college? He went to Arizona State University after completing his high school education at Pawhuska High School in Oklahoma. But it’s important to remember that his educational journey wasn’t just about earning a degree. It was a chapter in his life that offered him the experiences, lessons, and skills he has carried into his current role as a rancher and public figure.

Understanding Ladd Drummond’s educational background gives us a fuller picture of the man behind the cowboy hat. From Pawhuska to Arizona State University, his educational journey is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities and balancing responsibilities. It’s a story that many can learn from, regardless of their own walks of life.


Where did Ladd Drummond go to college?

Ladd Drummond attended Arizona State University for his college education.

Where did he go to high school?

Before going to college, Ladd Drummond attended Pawhuska High School in Oklahoma.

What did he study at Arizona State University?

The specific details about what Ladd Drummond studied at Arizona State University are not publicly disclosed.

Did Ladd Drummond continue ranching while in college?

While it’s not explicitly stated, Ladd Drummond likely had to balance his responsibilities at the family ranch with his educational commitments.

Why did he choose Arizona State University?

Ladd’s exact reasons for choosing Arizona State University are personal and not publicly disclosed. However, the university is known for its diverse academic programs and vibrant campus life.

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