Where Did Marcus Smart Go to College? Educational Career

People often ask where did Marcus Smart go to college. In the world of professional sports, there are numerous talented athletes who have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. One such individual is Marcus Smart, a skilled player known for his defensive prowess and tenacity on the court.

But before he became a standout in the NBA, where did Marcus Smart develop his skills and talents? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the journey of Marcus Smart’s college days and explore the institution that played a pivotal role in shaping his basketball career.

NameMarcus Osmond Smart
Age29 years
D O B6 March 1994
ProfessionBasketball Player

Where did Marcus Smart go to college?

Here is the complete detail of Marcus Smart’s educational life:

Marcus Smart’s College Journey

Born on March 6, 1994, Marcus Osmond Smart hails from Flower Mound, Texas. As a young basketball enthusiast, he showcased immense potential and skill during his high school days at Edward S. Marcus High School. His exceptional abilities on the court quickly gained the attention of college scouts and recruiters.

When the time came to choose a college to further his basketball career and education, Smart decided to enroll at Oklahoma State University. Located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University is renowned for its rich history in collegiate sports and its competitive basketball program. Founded in 1890, the university has a longstanding tradition of fostering excellence in academics and athletics.

Basketball Career at Oklahoma State University

As a member of the Oklahoma State Cowboys men’s basketball team, Marcus Smart made an immediate impact. His powerful playstyle and all-around skills made him an essential asset to the team. Smart’s defensive abilities were particularly noteworthy, earning him accolades as one of the best defensive players in college basketball.

During his freshman year in the 2012-2013 season, Smart achieved remarkable success on the court, leading the Cowboys to an impressive performance. His statistics were outstanding, averaging 15.4 points, 5.8 rebounds, 4.2 assists, and 3 steals per game. His exceptional contributions to the team earned him the Big 12 Player of the Year and Freshman of the Year honors.

Furthermore, Smart played a vital role in propelling the Cowboys to the NCAA Tournament, showcasing his ability to rise to the occasion during critical games.

The Decision to Stay for Sophomore Year

After an exceptional debut season, Marcus Smart faced the tough decision of whether to enter the NBA Draft or stay for another year at Oklahoma State University. Ultimately, he chose to stay for his sophomore year, displaying a commitment to further develop his skills and leadership on the college stage.

Smart’s sophomore year was equally remarkable, although the team faced some challenges. Despite this, he continued to be a standout player, displaying unwavering dedication and determination. His performance earned him All-Big 12 First Team honors for the second consecutive year, further solidifying his position as one of the top players in college basketball.

NBA Career and Beyond

In the 2014 NBA Draft, Marcus Smart was selected as the 6th overall pick by the Boston Celtics. His transition to the professional league was smooth, and he continued to demonstrate the same tenacity and defensive prowess that made him a standout in college. Over the years, Smart has become a vital cog in the Celtics’ roster and an integral part of their success.

Final Thoughts

Marcus Smart’s college journey at Oklahoma State University was a critical phase that molded him into the remarkable athlete he is today. His time with the Oklahoma State Cowboys allowed him to showcase his talents, earn prestigious awards, and establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in college basketball.

As fans continue to cheer for him in the NBA, we can look back at his college years with admiration and pride, appreciating the university that contributed significantly to his growth and success in the world of basketball.


Where did Marcus Smart go to college?

Marcus Smart attended Oklahoma State University for his college education.

When did Marcus Smart attend college?

Marcus Smart played college basketball for the Oklahoma State Cowboys from 2012 to 2014.

What position did Marcus Smart play in college?

Marcus Smart played as a guard during his college basketball career at Oklahoma State University.

Did Marcus Smart have a successful college basketball career?

Yes, Marcus Smart had a highly successful college basketball career. He was a standout player known for his exceptional defensive skills and all-around playstyle. He received several prestigious accolades during his time at Oklahoma State, including being named Big 12 Player of the Year and Freshman of the Year.

What awards did Marcus Smart receive in college?

Marcus Smart received numerous awards during his college career, including the Big 12 Player of the Year, Big 12 Freshman of the Year, and All-Big 12 First Team honors.

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