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Where Did Martin Luther King Jr. Go to College?

Have you ever wondered where did Martin Luther King Jr. go to college? Believe it or not, his journey in higher education started at 15. Stick around to learn more about this fascinating aspect of his life.

NameMichael King Jr.
Age39 years
D O B15 Jan 1929
Died4 April 1968

Early Beginnings at Morehouse College

Firstly, let’s delve into his undergraduate years. Martin Luther King Jr. attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, without even formally graduating from high school. At that time, Morehouse College was the only institution of its kind for Black men, offering them a rare chance at higher education.

A Family Tradition

Interestingly, King wasn’t the only one in his family to attend Morehouse College. His grandfather, father, brother, and even his two sons would later walk the same halls. Morehouse College wasn’t just a school for him but a family tradition. This rich history made King’s time at the college even more special.

Why Start College at 15?

You might be wondering, how did King start college at such a young age? Well, during that period, some high schools and colleges had programs that allowed promising students to enrol in college early. King was undoubtedly one of these exceptional students. So, instead of traditionally completing his high school education, he moved straight on to college.

The Significance of Morehouse College

It’s crucial to understand the importance of Morehouse College in the context of American history. Being the only college for Black men then, Morehouse offered unparalleled opportunities. It was an institution that nurtured minds and spirits at a time when the wider society was laden with systemic racism. The college played a significant role in shaping King into the monumental figure we remember today.

Beyond Morehouse: Further Studies

After finishing his undergraduate studies, King didn’t stop there. He felt called to a career in ministry and sought to further his theological knowledge. His study was proceeded at Crozer Theological Seminary. Then, he went on to Boston University’s School of Theology, where he earned his doctorate. This higher-level study provided him the intellectual and ethical foundations he would later use in his activism.

The Impact of Education on King’s Life

Education was not just a formality for King but a tool of empowerment. His time at Morehouse, Crozer, and Boston University equipped him with the knowledge and skills to fight for civil rights. The people he met, the books he read, and the ideas he debated all contributed to his worldview. Ultimately, his education was pivotal in shaping the leader we honour today.

Concluding Thoughts

Martin Luther King Jr.’s college journey was not just about obtaining degrees; it was a transformative experience that shaped him into a leader for the ages. Starting his higher education at Morehouse College at just 15, he set the stage for a life committed to justice and equality.

His educational journey, enriched by family tradition and the unique atmosphere of Morehouse, laid the foundation for his monumental contributions to civil rights. So the next time you think about King, remember that his path to greatness was also paved in the classrooms and libraries of the educational institutions he attended.


Where did Martin Luther King Jr. go to college?

Martin Luther King Jr. went to Morehouse College for his undergraduate studies. Later, he continued his education at Crozer Theological Seminary and Boston University’s School of Theology.

At what age did Martin Luther King Jr. start college?

King started his college journey at Morehouse College at the young age of 15.

Did Martin Luther King Jr. formally graduate from high school?

No, King did not formally graduate from high school. He was enrolled in Morehouse College without a formal high school diploma through a program that allowed promising students to start college early.

Was Morehouse College the only option for Black men at that time?

During the time King attended, Morehouse College was the only college specifically for Black men, offering a unique opportunity for higher education.

Did any other family members attend Morehouse College?

Yes, King’s grandfather, father, brother, and two sons also attended Morehouse College, making it a significant family tradition.

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