Where Did Micah Parsons Go to College? Unveiling His Collegiate Journey

If you’re a football enthusiast or a casual sports fan, you’ve likely heard of Micah Parsons. He’s a rising NFL star known for his incredible talent and versatility. But before he made his mark in professional football, Micah Parsons had to embark on a journey that started with his collegiate career. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details and answer the question, “Where did Micah Parsons go to college?”.

NameMicah Aaron Parsons
Age24 years
D O BMay 26, 1999
ProfessionNFL Player, Linebacker

Micah Parsons: A Rising NFL Star

Before we delve into his college days, let’s take a moment to appreciate Micah Parsons’ incredible talent and achievements in the National Football League (NFL). Micah Parsons is one of the brightest stars in the NFL. His versatility as a linebacker and pass-rusher has made him a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Micah Parsons has already significantly impacted his early NFL career with his speed, agility, and football IQ. He has earned accolades and awards, and his future in the league looks exceptionally promising. But to truly understand the journey of this exceptional athlete, we need to go back to where it all began—his college days.

Where did Micah Parsons go to college?

Micah Parsons’ collegiate journey is a fascinating story of hard work, dedication, and raw talent. So, where did Micah Parsons go to college, and how did he rise to prominence? Let’s uncover the details.

Penn State University: The Starting Point

Micah Parsons began his college football career at Penn State University. The Nittany Lions, as they are known, have a rich football tradition and are a part of the competitive Big Ten Conference. Micah’s time at Penn State was marked by his incredible skills and relentless pursuit of excellence on the football field.

High School Stardom

Before even stepping onto the college gridiron, Micah Parsons was already a high school football sensation. He played for Harrisburg High School in Pennsylvania, where he quickly became one of the top high school recruits in the country. His exceptional speed, strength, and football instincts set him apart.

Micah Parsons’ College Stats

During his time at Penn State, Micah Parsons showcased his skills as a linebacker. His stats and achievements on the field spoke volumes about his talent. While this article focuses on his college journey, it’s worth noting that his college stats were nothing short of impressive.

Tackles: Micah Parsons recorded an impressive number of tackles during his college career, establishing himself as a dominant force in the defense.

Sacks: His ability to rush the passer and disrupt opposing offenses resulted in a notable number of sacks.

Awards: Micah Parsons received numerous awards and recognitions during college, including All-American honors and the Butkus-Fitzgerald Linebacker of the Year Award.

Position Transition

One of the remarkable aspects of Micah Parsons’ collegiate journey was his transition from being a defensive end in high school to a linebacker in college. This transition showcased his versatility and willingness to adapt to the team’s needs. It also demonstrated his football IQ and ability to excel in different roles on the field.

Team Success

Throughout his time at Penn State, Micah Parsons played an instrumental role in the Nittany Lions’ success. His contributions on the defensive side of the ball were nothing short of game-changing. Penn State, a prominent member of the Big Ten Conference, consistently faced tough competition. Micah’s presence on the field often turned the tide in the Nittany Lions’ favor. He was a driving force behind their victories and a key component of their formidable defense.

Micah’s tenacious tackling, ability to read and disrupt opposing offenses, and knack for making crucial stops in critical situations made him an indispensable asset for Penn State. His leadership on and off the field inspired his teammates, and his passion for the game was contagious.

During his college career, Penn State achieved notable victories and competed at a high level within the Big Ten Conference, thanks in no small part to Micah Parsons’ contributions. He embodied the spirit of a true team player, always striving for excellence and elevating the performance of those around him.

The decision to Enter the NFL Draft

After a highly successful collegiate career at Penn State, Micah Parsons faced a pivotal decision that would shape the trajectory of his football career. He had to choose between continuing to play at the college level or boldly declaring for the NFL Draft.

This decision was not made lightly. It involved careful consideration of his skills, aspirations, and the potential opportunities that awaited him in the NFL. Micah had already demonstrated his abilities as a standout linebacker in college. Still, the NFL presented an entirely new level of competition and a chance to compete against the best.

Ultimately, Micah Parsons chose to enter the NFL Draft. It was a decision rooted in his belief in his abilities and a desire to take on new challenges. This pivotal moment began a new chapter in his football journey.

NFL Draft and Professional Career

In the highly anticipated 2021 NFL Draft, Micah Parsons received a tremendous honor when the Dallas Cowboys selected him as the 12th overall pick. It marked the beginning of his professional career in the NFL, fulfilling a lifelong dream for the talented linebacker.

Micah wasted no time making an impact in his rookie season. His speed, agility, and football IQ translated seamlessly to the NFL, and he quickly became a standout player for the Dallas Cowboys. His performances on the field earned him accolades and recognition as one of the rising stars of the NFL.

As he embarked on his professional career, Micah Parsons continued to exhibit the same work ethic, dedication, and versatility that had defined his college journey. He became a cornerstone of the Cowboys’ defense, showcasing his ability to excel at the highest level of football.


In conclusion, Micah Parsons’ journey from high school to NFL superstardom is an inspiring tale of hard work, talent, and determination. While we answered the question, “Where did Micah Parsons go to college?” (Penn State University), his college days were just the beginning of a remarkable career that continues to shine in the NFL.

Micah Parsons’ versatility, work ethic, and dedication have made him a standout player in college and the professional league. As he continues to make waves in the NFL, football fans can’t help but be excited about what the future holds for this extraordinary athlete.

So, the next time you watch Micah Parsons dominate on the football field, remember that his journey started at Penn State University, and his story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance in pursuing greatness.

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