Where Did Shobhaa De Go to College? Unveiling Alma Mater

Shobhaa De, a renowned Indian author, columnist, and socialite, has significantly contributed to literature and journalism, and that is why people have a keen interest in “Where Did Shobhaa De Go to College? Born on January 7, 1948, she is known for her captivating writing style and unique perspective on contemporary issues. Many of her readers, admirers, and fans wonder about her educational background. 

Where Did Shobhaa De Go to College?

In this blog post, we will explore where Shobhaa De pursued her college education and its impact on her illustrious career.

Saint Xavier’s College: The Alma Mater

Shobhaa De’s journey into higher education began at Saint Xavier’s College in Mumbai, India. With a prestigious history dating back to 1869, Saint Xavier’s College is one of the country’s oldest and most respected educational institutions. Renowned for its academic excellence and vibrant campus life, the college has produced numerous notable alumni in various fields.

While at Saint Xavier’s College, Shobhaa De pursued a degree in Psychology, a subject that would later influence her writing and understanding of human behavior. The college provided her with a solid foundation in liberal arts and helped shape her perspective on societal issues, which became apparent in her later works.

Impact of College Education on Shobhaa De’s Career

The years spent at Saint Xavier’s College played a crucial role in shaping Shobhaa De’s intellectual and creative insight. The study of Psychology offered her insights into the complexities of human nature and equipped her with the ability to delve deeper into the minds of her characters and readers. This understanding of human psychology is reflected in her writings, adding depth and realism to her portrayals.

Furthermore, the college environment exposed Shobhaa De to a diverse range of ideas, cultures, and perspectives. This exposure broadened her horizons and allowed her to develop a well-rounded worldview, which undoubtedly contributed to the richness of her narratives.

Beyond academics, Saint Xavier’s College provided ample opportunities for extracurricular activities, fostering her social skills and nurturing her passion for writing. These experiences and interactions undoubtedly played a part in molding her into the influential writer and social commentator she is today.

Shobhaa De’s Literary Journey

After graduating from Saint Xavier’s College, Shobhaa De embarked on a remarkable journey into the world of writing and journalism. Her foray into the publishing industry began with her column in the popular magazine “Stardust,” where she wrote under the pseudonym “Masquara.” Her incisive commentary on Bollywood and celebrity culture quickly gained attention and established her as a prominent voice in the media.

She later went on to write for several prestigious publications, including “The Times of India,” where her column “Politically Incorrect” became immensely popular. Through her writings, she fearlessly addressed issues ranging from politics, culture, and gender to relationships and lifestyles, often challenging societal norms and conventions.

As an author, Shobhaa De has penned several bestselling books, both fiction and non-fiction, which have been widely appreciated by readers in India and beyond. Her works, such as “Sultry Days,” “Socialite Evenings,” and “Sethji,” have captured the essence of contemporary Indian society while addressing relevant and thought-provoking themes.


Saint Xavier’s College in Mumbai, India, significantly shaped Shobhaa De’s intellectual and creative journey. Pursuing a degree in Psychology from this esteemed institution gave her a strong foundation in understanding human behavior, greatly influencing her writing style and character portrayals.


Who is Shobhaa De?

Shobhaa De is a prominent Indian author, columnist, and socialite. Born on January 7, 1948, she is known for her prolific writing, incisive commentary on contemporary issues, and contributions to various publications.

Where did Shobhaa De go to college?

Shobhaa De attended Saint Xavier’s College in Mumbai, India. She pursued a degree in Psychology, which influenced her understanding of human behavior and added depth to her writings.

What are Shobhaa De’s notable literary works?

Shobhaa De has authored several best-selling books, including “Sultry Days,” “Socialite Evenings,” and “Sethji.” Her works often explore themes related to Indian society, relationships, and culture.

What topics does Shobhaa De’s writing cover?

Shobhaa De’s writing spans a wide range of topics. From politics and gender issues to lifestyle, Bollywood, and social commentary, she fearlessly addresses relevant and thought-provoking subjects in her columns and books.

How has Shobhaa De impacted society?

Shobhaa De’s influential writing and social commentary have sparked conversations, challenged norms, and provided insights into contemporary Indian society. Her work has contributed significantly to discussions on culture, relationships, and the changing dynamics of modern India. 

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