Where Did the Kelce Brothers Go to College? Inspiring Educational Story of Two Brothers

If you’re a fan of American football, you’ve probably heard of the Kelce brothers, Travis and Jason. They are both talented NFL players known for their exceptional skills and dedication to the game. But have you ever wondered where these two remarkable athletes went to college? In this blog post, we’ll answer the burning question: Where did the Kelce brothers go to college?

The Kelce Brothers’ NamesJason Daniel KelceTravis Michael Kelce
Age36 years34 years
D O BNovember 5, 1987October 5, 1989
ProfessionNFL CenterNFL Tight End

Where did the Kelce Brothers go to college?

The question of where the Kelce Brothers went to college is one of the most frequently asked questions among fans, as they are eager to learn more about their educational background. So, let’s dive in!

Travis Kelce’s College Journey

Early Life and High School

Travis Kelce was born in Westlake, Ohio, on October 5, 1989. Like many football stars, his journey to the NFL began in high school. He attended Cleveland Heights High School, where he displayed his natural talent for football as a quarterback and tight end. His impressive performance on the field caught the attention of college recruiters, and it wasn’t long before he received scholarship offers.

University of Cincinnati

Travis Kelce ultimately decided to continue his football career at the University of Cincinnati, where he played for the Bearcats. During his time there, he transitioned from being a quarterback to a tight end, a position that would later define his NFL career. Kelce’s time at Cincinnati was marked by his exceptional skills, making him a standout player on the team.

Transition to the NFL

After a successful college career, Travis Kelce declared for the 2013 NFL Draft. He was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round with the 63rd overall pick. It marked the beginning of his journey in the NFL, where he would become one of the league’s top tight ends.

Jason Kelce’s College Path

Now that we’ve covered Travis Kelce’s college journey, it’s time to delve into where Jason Kelce, his older brother, went to college.

High School Years

Jason Kelce, born on November 5, 1987, also honed his football skills during his high school years. He attended Cleveland Heights High School, just like his younger brother Travis. While in high school, Jason showed great promise as an offensive lineman.

University of Cincinnati

Following in his brother’s footsteps, Jason Kelce also decided to attend the University of Cincinnati. At Cincinnati, he played as a centre, anchoring the offensive line for the Bearcats. His dedication and hard work on the field did not go unnoticed, and he quickly became a key player for the team.

Now that we’ve covered the college paths of both Kelce brothers, it’s clear that they both attended the University of Cincinnati. It answers the question: Where did the Kelce brothers go to college?

The Kelce Brothers’ Connection

One interesting aspect of their college choice is that Travis and Jason Kelce attended the same university, the University of Cincinnati. This unique connection would become a significant part of their football journey. Let’s explore how their shared college experience influenced their careers.

Sibling Bond

The fact that both Kelce brothers attended the University of Cincinnati created a strong bond between them. They were not just brothers; they were also teammates. This shared experience allowed them to support and motivate each other on and off the field.

Learning and Growth

The University of Cincinnati provided an environment where the Kelce brothers could develop their football skills and knowledge. Their time at the university helped them refine their techniques and strategies, laying the foundation for their success in the NFL.

Travis Kelce’s NFL Success

With their college years behind them, Travis and Jason Kelce pursued careers in the NFL. As a tight end, Travis has achieved remarkable success in the league. Let’s take a closer look at Travis Kelce’s NFL journey.

Kansas City Chiefs

Travis Kelce was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013 and quickly impacted the team. His size, speed, and athleticism made him a matchup nightmare for opposing defences. He became a favourite target of star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and together, they formed a dynamic duo.

NFL Records and Achievements

Travis Kelce’s consistency and excellence on the field have earned him numerous accolades. He has been selected to multiple Pro Bowls and named a First-Team All-Pro multiple times. In addition, he holds several NFL records for receiving yards by a tight end in a single season.

Super Bowl Victory

One of the most significant achievements in Travis Kelce’s career came in Super Bowl LIV when the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers. Kelce played a crucial role in the game, contributing with key receptions and helping his team secure the championship.

Jason Kelce’s NFL Career

While Jason Kelce may not have the same level of recognition as his younger brother Travis, he has had an impressive NFL career in his own right. Let’s take a look at Jason Kelce’s journey in the NFL.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles drafted Jason Kelce in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft. He quickly established himself as a reliable and skilled center for the Eagles offensive line. His leadership on the field and his ability to read defences made him a valuable asset to the team.

Super Bowl Victory

One of the highlights of Jason Kelce’s career came in Super Bowl LII when the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots. Kelce’s emotional and passionate speech during the victory parade became legendary among Eagles fans and is still remembered today.

Consistency and Durability

Jason Kelce has been known for his durability and consistency throughout his NFL career. He has rarely missed games due to injury and has consistently performed high, earning Pro Bowl selections and respect from his peers.


The Kelce brothers, Travis and Jason, attended the University of Cincinnati during their college years. This shared experience played a significant role in shaping their careers and strengthening their bond as brothers. Travis Kelce has become one of the NFL’s top tight ends, achieving numerous records and a Super Bowl victory with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Meanwhile, Jason Kelce has had a successful career as a center for the Philadelphia Eagles, earning a Super Bowl championship. So, to answer the question once more, “Where did the Kelce Brothers go to college?” – the Kelce Brothers attended the University of Cincinnati. This choice undoubtedly influenced their remarkable journeys in the NFL.

Their story inspires aspiring football players and fans alike, showcasing the importance of hard work, dedication, and the strong bond of brotherhood in achieving success in the world of professional football.

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