Where Did Trae Young Go to College? College Journey

Where Did Trae Young Go to College?

Trae Young’s name invariably pops up when we think about the NBA’s rising stars. But where did Trae Young go to college? Well, before his dazzling moves on the NBA court, he showcased his talent at Oklahoma University, playing for the Oklahoma Sooners. Let’s delve into his college basketball journey.

NameRayford Trae Young
Age24 years
D O B19 September 1998
OccupationBasketball Player

Trae Young’s Arrival at Oklahoma University

Back in the day, as high school basketball was wrapping up, the big question in the sports community was about Trae’s college choice. Finally, he decided to stay close to home, joining the Oklahoma Sooners. It was a decision that Sooners fans are still grateful for today.

A Stellar Season with the Oklahoma Sooners

It’s worth noting that Trae only spent one season at Oklahoma University. However, don’t let that short stint fool you. During his time there, he left an indelible mark. Consistently, he showcased his skills, passion, and determination, winning over fans and critics alike. In fact, his standout performances led many experts to tout him as one of the best college basketball players of his time.

Trae’s vision on the court, his sharp shooting, and his ability to distribute the ball made him a vital asset for the team. In every game, he brought a blend of energy and strategy that was, without a doubt, beyond his years.

From College to the Big League

Having displayed such a phenomenal season, it wasn’t a shock when Trae Young declared for the 2018 NBA draft after his freshman year. Many believed it was the right move, considering his built momentum. Now, hindsight being 20/20, it’s evident that the NBA was where he truly belonged. His transition from college basketball to the big league was almost seamless, proving that his time with the Sooners had well-prepared him for the challenges ahead.

The Legacy He Left Behind

Even though Trae Young’s time at Oklahoma was brief, he left a legacy that’s still talked about. Young Sooners players now look up to him, seeing the path he blazed as evidence of what’s possible with hard work, dedication, and immense talent. Indeed, his college journey serves as an inspiration for many young athletes.

Conclusion: The Foundation of an NBA Star

In answering the question, “Where did Trae Young go to college?” we unearth a captivating tale of a rising star. Oklahoma University and the Oklahoma Sooners provided the platform for Trae to shine, hone his skills, and prepare for the NBA. Though he graced the college courts for just one season, his impact was profound. Today, as we watch him play in the NBA, it’s evident that his college experience played a pivotal role in shaping him into the player he’s become.

It’s always fascinating to trace the origins of our favorite stars. Trae Young’s college journey is a testament to how the right environment, talent, and determination can set one on the path to greatness.


Where did Trae Young go to college?

Trae Young attended Oklahoma University, where he played college basketball for the Oklahoma Sooners.

How long did Trae Young play for the Oklahoma Sooners?

Trae Young played for the Oklahoma Sooners for one season.

Why did Trae Young choose Oklahoma University?

While specific reasons might vary, many believe that Trae Young chose Oklahoma University because it was close to home and he wanted to play for a team with a storied basketball tradition.

How did Trae Young perform during his time with the Sooners?

During his single season with the Sooners, Trae Young showcased outstanding skills, passion, and determination, making him one of the standout college basketball players of his time.

When did Trae Young declare for the NBA draft?

Trae Young declared for the NBA draft after his freshman season in 2018.

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