Where Did Vera Wang Go to College? Start of an Iconic Journey

Where Did Vera Wang Go to College?

Have you ever wondered where did Vera Wang go to college? As it turns out, her educational journey is just as interesting as her career. From private schools to studying abroad, Wang has a background that many might find surprising. So, let’s delve into it!

NameVera Ellen Wang
Age74 years
D O B27 June 1949
OccupationFashion Designer

From Chapin School to Ballet: Laying the Foundations

First and foremost, Vera Wang started her education at the prestigious Chapin School. Located in New York, this school is well-known for its emphasis on academic excellence. However, Wang didn’t stop there. Additionally, she attended the School of American Ballet. This early training could explain her deep understanding of body lines and forms, crucial elements in fashion design.

The Sarah Lawrence Chapter: Where Art Meets History

After her initial schooling, Vera Wang made a significant educational leap. She enrolled at Sarah Lawrence College, aiming for a degree in art history. Earning her degree in 1971, her focus on art history might seem unrelated to fashion at first glance.

Nevertheless, art and fashion are deeply intertwined, as both require a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of aesthetics. While at Sarah Lawrence, Wang absorbed crucial knowledge that would later influence her iconic designs.

A Taste of Paris: Studying Abroad at the Sorbonne

Interestingly, during her sophomore year at Sarah Lawrence, Wang briefly studied abroad at the Sorbonne in Paris. Ah, Paris—the fashion capital of the world! Studying here, even briefly, must have been an eye-opening experience for the budding designer. This European vacation likely exposed her to different cultural influences and broadened her understanding of global aesthetics.

Why Her Educational Journey Matters

You might wonder why does it matter where Vera Wang went to college? Well, education shapes us in countless ways. In Vera Wang’s case, her rich educational background offered a tapestry of experiences and knowledge that contributed to her becoming a renowned fashion designer.

Her art history degree, for instance, equipped her to appreciate and incorporate art into her fashion pieces. Similarly, her time at the Sorbonne undoubtedly added a unique European flair to her design sensibilities.

Connecting the Dots: How College Translates to Career

So how did Vera Wang’s college journey influence her career? After college, Wang worked her way up in the fashion industry, eventually becoming the household name we all know today. Her foundation in art history and exposure to international aesthetics likely guided her creative process, enabling her to create timeless and sophisticated pieces. Her college years were instrumental in shaping her future.


So, where did Vera Wang go to college is fully explained in detail. Vera Wang’s educational journey from the Chapin School to Sarah Lawrence College, and briefly the Sorbonne, is a fascinating tale. Each educational experience played its part in molding her into the iconic fashion designer that she is today. Indeed, her journey reveals the importance of a well-rounded education, particularly when aiming for the top echelons of a creative industry.


Where did Vera Wang go to college?

Vera Wang attended Sarah Lawrence College, where she earned a degree in art history in 1971.

What did she study?

Vera Wang majored in art history, a subject that has deeply influenced her fashion design career.

Did she attend any other educational institutions?

Yes, Vera Wang attended both the Chapin School and the School of American Ballet before attending Sarah Lawrence College.

Did Vera Wang study abroad?

Yes, during her sophomore year at Sarah Lawrence College, Vera Wang had the opportunity to study abroad at the Sorbonne in Paris.

How did her education influence her career?

Her degree in art history, combined with her earlier training in ballet, provided her with a unique set of skills that have informed her design aesthetic. Her brief stint at the Sorbonne in Paris also exposed her to international influences, further enriching her creative perspective.

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