Where Does Kendall Vertes Go To College: Balancing Brilliance

Everyone wants to know about a well-known personality and Where Does Kendall Vertes Go To College?. The former cast member of the reality TV show “Dance Moms” and an accomplished dancer, has not only mesmerized audiences with her extraordinary talent but also inspired many aspiring dancers worldwide. 

Beyond the glitz and glamour of television, Kendall’s commitment to her education shines through as she recently embarked on a new chapter of her life as a college student. In this blog post, we’ll explore where Kendall Vertes is pursuing her higher education and how she is balancing her academic and dance journey.

Where Does Kendall Vertes Go To College

Here we will discuss the Kendall Vertes educational journey.

Kendall’s Educational Journey

After completing her high school education at Penn-Trafford High School in 2021, Kendall Vertes faced the exciting decision of choosing the right college to pursue her academic and dance dreams. Among her various options, two prestigious institutions extended their acceptance letters to her: the University of Kentucky and James Madison University (JMU).

Kendall’s College Choice

After much consideration and thoughtful contemplation, Kendall Vertes enrolled at James Madison University. Located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, JMU has a reputation for its exceptional academic programs and vibrant campus life. This decision has proven to be pivotal in Kendall’s life as she embarks on a new adventure filled with educational and dance opportunities.

Academic Pursuits at JMU

At JMU, Kendall Vertes is pursuing a well-rounded education, focusing on her chosen field of study. The university offers various programs across various disciplines, allowing students like Kendall to explore and develop their intellectual interests. It’s commendable to see that Kendall is dedicating herself to her studies while continuing to excel in her dance career.

Dancing with the JMU Dukettes

Kendall’s passion for dance has not been left behind in her college journey. At JMU, she is a proud member of the university’s dance team, known as the JMU Dukettes. Being part of a college dance team allows Kendall to continue doing what she loves and will enable her to represent her university in dance competitions and events.

Balancing Academics and Dance

Balancing academics with extracurricular activities can be challenging, but Kendall Vertes seems to have mastered the art of time management. Her dedication to her studies and dance showcases her strong work ethic and commitment to excelling in all aspects of her life. Seeing a young talent like Kendall making the most out of her college experience is undoubtedly inspiring.


As Kendall Vertes continues her journey at James Madison University, she inspires young individuals striving to pursue their passions while valuing education. Her decision to attend JMU emphasizes the significance of finding the right fit for one’s college experience and showcases the significance of nurturing one’s artistic talents alongside academic pursuits.

For those who want to know “Where Does Kendall Vertes Go To College?” As she thrives both in the classroom and on the dance floor, Kendall Vertes undoubtedly sets an example for aspiring dancers and students alike, proving that one can achieve their dreams on multiple fronts with determination and dedication. It is the second and largest region of the Muslim.


Where does Kendall Vertes go to college?

Kendall Vertes attends James Madison University (JMU) in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Did Kendall Vertes graduate from high school?

Yes, Kendall Vertes graduated from Penn-Trafford High School in 2021.

What is Kendall Vertes studying at JMU?

Specific details about Kendall Vertes’ chosen field of study at JMU have not been disclosed publicly.

Which other universities accepted Kendall Vertes?

Apart from James Madison University, Kendall Vertes was also accepted to the University of Kentucky.

When is Kendall Vertes expected to graduate from college? 

Kendall Vertes is expected to graduate from James Madison University in 2025.

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